1. MARTS08
ey pierre? utility is the word for right when i move my origins this way in an other way. i need an an an answer right away. hopfulli you re full of flowers deead cows and honey trash escpaism. frankie told you to ride the bike fast enough.
care . down there.
2. MARTS08
goodnight kama/
even if thers a showeer to skipp!
junkasds a.k.a. moma a.k.a. mama, said you would have it youre way, but its not a quarter to ten. i grab a biscuit and tell the gerhls from upahead, that we're not workers but ytronisbotes, and they wont forget which pure thoughts i have. give in give out up on a board right? business i beheld so dangerous of the last element on my science -postar!
/kimono # 2
3. MARTS08
hold your umbrellas high rednecks!
we do remain in light when war is good business . i began to fear the 22. century this afternoon, but weare lucky to stay under straws in a town full of boxes. america is a girl who's on top of the world. 321:this goes deep. i won't even think about making sense.
/kimono #3
4. MARTS08
harr dø ferierie?
junkspitzie mit nur kratell . and my surroundings are at a high pace so i ship the latest newspaper on the way home. you can see better weather and skiiiscrabers cloungchink cloughchink
perhaps hatrarl are bouncing backkk
5. JULI08
vermout's back!
techtrains moved my back, so i hurt you with a flower of wood. we could also get trapped with a box of wine and our good sense of humor, and see i've seen people on/of youtube microwave their ipods, but you already know that. you've been down the road 15 min. ago.
lifegaurdz in shape of clothes.
bet your money,
you'll soon going to lose it.
fall into it like a daydream or a fever! photography faconer er et stadie midt i mellem to stole. 08 sloping up fall down backwards. technicolour. næste gang vokser der blod på pengene. blax ploi. QAND-A's?